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The primary vision of Two Below Zero is to maintain creative freedom while also touching each and every listener on an emotional level. They will never limit themselves to a fixed genre, as they believe that each and every individual deserves to hear their creativity and passion regardless of taste in music.


“Energetic, dynamic, euphoric, and recognizable. That’s Two Below Zero.”


Jort and Jorn met in 2015 at the studio. After sharing their ideas with each other, there was an immediate connection regarding not only their production versatility but their musical vision as well. After years of producing and DJing under the radar, they landed their first performance in late 2017 at the locally renowned Flaeijelfeest. The duo was an instant hit and fans wanted more, just like Jort and Jorn.


The following year, Two Below Zero’s calendar became packed with bookings as they performed in various clubs in Leeuwarden, Groningen, and festivals, with their highlight being the Tall Ships Races in Harlingen in 2018. The duo’s career gained even more momentum as they also began organizing their own events and releasing hit songs including “Midnight Walk” and “Nothing I Would Ever Change” which received airplay on various radio stations such as Radio 538 and the Belgian MNM Radio.


After this initial success, Jort and Jorn began focusing on defining the true meaning behind Two Below Zero. As they began experimenting with producing more genres, they finally found their musical sound through two main tenets: being energetic and touching. Sticking to these principles, they outlined plans for their new upcoming releases in 2022, turning their musical vision into reality!


They first kicked off the new year with their own radio show “Two Below Zero’s Identity” on DanceVibes Radio, each month creating hour-long mixes containing various genres, each with a different “Identity”. The duo also returned to Tall Ships Races in Harlingen that summer, debuting their newfound maturity and sound to the masses. The event was another huge success, as Two Below Zero made their comeback with three magnificent closing sets in a span of three days! With another performance under their belt, Jort and Jorn began gaining even more traction in the industry, securing a spot on the lineup for the Music Meeting Festival in their hometown of Gorredijk. 


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